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The Essential Conversations When Preparing Someone For Live-in Care

Picture this situation: For the past few months your loved one has been struggling at home for one reason or another, and now it’s time for extra help. You’ve all agreed live-in care is the best solution and now you are ready for next steps!

If you suspect your loved one needs help but aren’t sure they are ready for care read: 3 Signs Your Loved One Is Ready For In-Home Care 

You may be aware several things will need to be done. All the necessary preparations can seem daunting and overwhelming. But they don’t need to be.

In this post, we’ve broken the process down into 2 important checklists so you can efficiently prepare your loved one for live-in care.


Checklist 1

Have a conversation with the rest of the family

Suggestions for guiding your conversations while covering the important stuff:

  • Form a united front and get on the same page. This is especially important if the thought of care is met with resistance. The more you stick together, the better.
  • When discussing plans, remember to treat each other with respect, and keep an open mind. Nothing hinders progress more than opinions that won’t budge.
  • Don’t let disagreements or conflict get in the way of making a right decision. Remember you are working towards a solution for your loved one. If you have any disputes or disagreements, don’t share them in front of your loved one. Try to resolve them or get them out of the way first.
  • Know your options ahead of time and go over them together so you can make the best-informed decision possible.
  • Be sure to clear up what you will discuss in front of your loved one BEFORE you engage them.
  • Decide who will be the lead person for the following: finances, medication and doctors appts., house cleaning and maintenance, diet and nutrition, social activities.
  • When it comes time to discuss plans with the person who needs care, be sure to establish (with all family members) the importance of talking to them with empathy, respect and dignity.


Checklist 2

How To Prepare Your Loved One for Live-In Care

Family members want to quickly move through the decision making process and sometimes neglect to bring the person needing care into the dialogue. Missing this step could lead to chaos and more stress for everyone.

  • Consider using a gradual approach to the discussions and prepare yourself to have more than one conversation.
  • Choose a time to discuss care options when you are all relaxed and feeling calm.
  • Focus on the positives of live-in care such as independence, freedom, control, safety, security, improved quality of life, ease of burdens, familiarity and companionship.
  • If you are struggling with resistance try talking with their GP together. Sometimes having a professional weigh in can help change opinions.
  • When it comes time to choosing a carer, make sure your loved one is included in the process and conversation. Allow them to express their preferences and feedback.


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