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The 6 Life and Lifestyle Advantages Of Live-In Care

According to research conducted by One Poll, 97% of the elderly population would prefer to stay in their own home instead of a care/nursing home should the need arise. Sadly, many families either haven’t heard of live-in care or are quick to believe it isn’t an option for their situation.

Unfortunately, most of the misconceptions that keep people from live-in care either stem from certain myths (see out post 4 Myths That Keep People From Live In Care), or a lack of knowledge on the advantages of live-in care.

In this post, we’ll cover the top 6 advantages of live-in care and how beneficial it can be to your loved one’s life and lifestyle. In this post, we will look at how live-in care can improve their relationships.


1. Offers the Highest Level of Care

Live-in care provides the highest level of care that can be delivered. With a ratio of one-to-one, the attention to detail and focus is unsurpassed and much higher than one would get in a care home. The services offered can be widespread and range from; assisting with medication, to cleaning and accompanying them to medical appointments. It also provides stability and flexibility if their needs should change.


2. Improved Health

Some of the significant health concerns of elderly people staying longer in their homes are malnutrition, falls, and loneliness. With live-in care, the presence of a trained carer offers the attention required to reduce the risk of all three. Carers can help in making healthier food choices whilst food shopping and preparing snacks and meals. Trips and falls can often be prevented. Should there be an emergency, someone is right there to act. Also, companionship can help alleviate the loneliness and isolation many elderly people face.


3. Maintain the Same Lifestyle

We all have daily habits that make us feel good about facing the day ahead. A nice hot shower, clean teeth, fresh clothes, a tidy hair-do, some makeup or a shave. We often take grooming tasks for granted until we can no longer do them. With live-in care, those small, but essential, tasks are done with respect. A carer will not only help with personal hygiene but can also do light housekeeping such as making beds, vacuuming, laundry and meal preparation.


4. Less Moving Means Less Stress

Packing up and moving can bring about a significant amount of stress. With live-in care, all of the concerns of packing and moving are gone. Continuing to live at home also allows the security of familiarity. For some, being surrounded by their personal belongings attached with sentimental stories is something they don’t want to give up. Familiarity with surroundings is also necessary for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. And what about the family pet?! Cats and dogs can bring a great deal of peace and comfort. By staying at home, the pets can stay too!


5. Cost Effective

Most people initially believe live-in care is much more expensive than residential care. It’s true in some cases costs can be higher and fluctuate depending on the amount of care needed, but generally, for most cases, the price is the same, if not better. The most significant difference is live-in care, with one to one attention, offers far more value. And if the care is for spouses, the cost is even better. One carer can be employed for two individuals.


6. Maintain Freedom of Choice And Control

Loss of freedom, control and choice are the leading concerns for many elderly people facing situations where care must be considered. If moving into a care home, many fear they will lose control over their lives and have no choice in how they live. This can lead to fear, resentment, frustration and anger. By choosing live-in care, elderly people can still maintain a very high level of autonomy in their everyday life and make personal choices.


Are You Interested In Knowing More About Live In Care?

Countless families have experienced all these advantages with a live-in carer from Nightingales Golden Care. You can read how live-in care changed their lives here.

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