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Protecting your family and the people we care for from flu this winter

Every year we encourage the staff at Nightingales Golden Care to participate in the annual Flu Vaccination Programme. This has been anything but a typical year. With COVID-19 and flu circulating at the same time, it’s now more important than ever that we act to protect ourselves from getting the flu.

As Health and Social Care Workers, we are reminding our staff that:

  • The Flu virus spreads from person-to-person, even amongst those not showing any symptoms.
  • The vaccine will help protect them, and prevent flu spreading among more vulnerable family and friends.
  • Those you support feel safer and are more likely to get vaccinated when they know the people who care for them are vaccinated.
  • Vaccination means less staff sickness from flu. Keeping the service running effectively during a flu outbreak.

To help keep our staff, their families and the people we care for safe, we are encouraging all staff to get their free annual flu jab as soon as they can.

How effective is the flu vaccine?

The flu vaccine will help prevent you getting the flu and is your best protection against the virus. It will not stop all flu viruses but if you get the flu after vaccination, it is likely to be milder and shorter-lived than it would have otherwise been.  

How long does the flu vaccine take to become effective?

It takes between 10 and 14 days for your immune system to respond fully after you have had the flu jab.

Can the vaccine cause flu?

The injected flu vaccine given to adults contains inactivated flu viruses so it cannot give you flu. The most common side effect can be a slight temperature or your arm may feel a bit sore where you had the injection. Other reactions are rare.

I had the flu vaccine last year. Do I need to have it again?

Yes. The viruses that cause flu can change every year, which means the flu (and the vaccine) this year may be different from last year.

“I’ve had my flu jab”

In line with the National campaign we are encouraging staff at Nightingales Golden Care to help increase awareness by shouting about the fact that they have had their flu jab. As managers we’ve led by example, rolling up our sleeves to get ours done early, and make sure everybody knows about it. 

As an incentive, we will give any staff member who lets us know ‘I’ve had my flu jab’ a £10 Love to Shop voucher.

The flu vaccine is the best defence we have against the spread of flu so let’s do all we can to get ourselves protected.


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