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Home Care Portsmouth

Nightingales are here to provide your loved one the best possible home care in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

People who use our service often tell us that having been independent all of their lives, it's just not as easy as it once was to get everything done. Whilst family, neighbours, and friends are supportive, they value being able to schedule home care visits around their daily routine decreasing their dependence on the kindness of family members.

Having a friendly face popping in each day to help them maintain their independence and keep their homes clean and running well has allowed them to get back to enjoying the things that matter to them.

Family members tell us that they feel reassured by the real-time information available on our digital care app, birdie, which provides them with insights and updates that they can monitor remotely.


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Care Services Offered

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Our carers are on hand to help your loved one rise in the morning. They can help your loved one to have a shower or bath and help them choose what they want to wear that day. A good cup of tea usually comes as standard, along with medication checks and breakfast.

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Whether your loved one chooses something simple for lunch or a home cooked meal for tea, our carers can provide them with a meal along with medication prompts and checks.

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Our carers can grab the essentials or do a full week’s shop, either with your loved one or on their behalf. They can also clean and tidy your loved one’s home and ensure that the laundry and ironing are done.

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Should your loved one want to visit friends and family, go to the cinema, or go for a walk around the shops, our carers can be there to accompany them.

The service our carers provide can be just as much about you as it is to your loved one. Our carers can keep your loved one company during times when you have other commitments or simply need a break.

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Come the end of the day our carers will be there to assist your loved one with their bedtime routine. This might include a quick wash, final medication checks and prompts, and ensuring doors and windows are locked on leaving.

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For times when your loved ones require someone to be on hand through the night or just to be there for peace of mind, our carers can provide an overnight visit usually between the hours of 10pm to 7am.

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We understand the challenges that can be faced when your loved one is living with Dementia. We train our carers to be aware and considerate of the effects of Dementia. This enables our carers to deliver a care service that is safe and respectful whilst providing support and guidance to you.  

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The usual step when the time comes that our loved ones require a high level of care is to start considering residential care, such as a care home. However, live-in care services are fast becoming popular, and in most cases cheaper, alternatives. Whether it's short-term whilst they adjust to coming home after a hospital stay, or long-term to offer companionship and regular support in their own home.

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We facilitate a number of social groups for adults with physical disabilities and the elderly in community settings. This enables them to socialise and provides respite for family members.

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Albert & His Daughter Sarah

"It is a little short of two years that Nightingales took on Albert’s care at very short notice. Throughout the time he was so grateful for the care everyone gave him, frequently telling visitors that he ‘could not ask for better’. As his health declined it was very reassuring, both to him and us, that the same group of carers were with him on such a regular basis as they had come to...


...know his likes and disliked so well.

There was kindly banter, which he loved, but also real practical and professional care, evidenced by his skin integrity right to the end, not always easy to maintain in the elderly.

I was enormously touched by the gentle way Jagoda and Sam washed and settled Dad on his last evening, it was clear that he was calm and very comfortable, one could not ask for more.

Thank you doesn’t really cover what you have all helped us achieve which was to fulfil Albert’s wish to remain at home, able to enjoy his view of the sea, surrounded by his books, pictures and the memories of a lifetime.

With our heartfelt thanks,

- Sarah"

Our Story

Nightingales Golden Care is a small family run company providing Homecare in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas for nearly 20 years.

The team is immensely proud of the dedication shown by its valued staff members many of whom have celebrated ten or more years continuous service. It was founded by a nurse and has an enablement focus, assisting clients to retain their independence and stay living in their own homes for as long as possible. Its goal is to communicate effectively with Health Professionals and avoid the need for unnecessary or unwanted admissions to hospital or residential care facilities. Nightingales believes that high quality home based care should be available to all and not have to be expensive.

Our home care service will ensure this level of care by:

Continuity of Staff

Providing continuity of staff and visit times - Making sure that we send the same person at a regular time to build a trusting relationship and establish a routine

Quality Care Staff

Providing professional and highly trained staff - Our staff will care for your loved ones in the safest, most dignified way possible

Taking Our Time

Taking the time to talk to your loved ones, not just rushing in and out


Supporting your loved one to do things for themselves, so that they maintain their independence


Promoting choice so that your loved one can still be involved in making decisions about their everyday life.


Respect and dignity for your loved one is our core value. We practice 'The Mum Test'


Digital Care Logs

Give families valued insight into their loved ones care through digital notes, live updates and photos.

Attention to Detail

We know that the little details are important to the quality of life of your loved one such as knowing the time they like to get up in the morning, remembering how they take their tea and even what cup they like it in

It's easy to start with Nightingales

Just 3 Steps to a Better Care Service

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    Either by calling 02394 351 030, or using this form and we'll discuss your specific needs

  • 2 - Assessment

    We’ll arrange for a time to conduct an assessment with you and your loved one in order for us to create a tailored plan of care that will help us provide support in a safe and dignified way

  • 3 - Start Care

    We’ll match your loved one with carers best suited to deliver their care requirements. These carers will be assigned to your loved one so they'll always see a familiar face

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