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Going Digital – Nightingales Golden Care, has partnered with Birdie Care.

Here at Nightingales Golden Care we are making the transition over to the world of digital clients care planning. We’ve given this lots of consideration and have chosen the ‘Birdie’ App and care management software after hearing great feedback from other agencies who have found it easy to use.

Although we expect it will take some time to make the switch over to fully using the new digital format, we see this as an investment in improving the service and its ease of use for service users and their families.

Here why we think digital care planning and event recording will improve client services:

Share instantly: Paper notes have been useful for recording the support our staff have provided, but they have needed to stay in the clients home for a reasonable period of time, to help inform the future visits for that service user.  Digital records have a huge advantage over traditional paper notes, as they exist in more than one place.  This means that both Health Care staff and family members who are not able to visit the client’s home are able to request access to the most up to date records wherever they are.

Prepare carer’s for every visit: Everything care staff need to know is easily accessible on their own phone. Detailed task lists; eMars; care plans and observation forms can be reviewed or completed by the allocated individuals involved in the clients care.

Stay ahead of issues: Within a minute everyone involved knows exactly what’s happening. That means that any incidents that are reported will dealt with in a timely way.

Monitor at all time: The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions have made it more difficult for relatives to visit service users in person, leading to increased anxiety about how they might be getting on. Birdie boasts “Complete peace of mind for families.” With 24/7 insights, as well as daily or weekly overviews available to family members with permission to view.

Work is already underway on the huge task of digitizing our existing records ready for the big switch over, so we will keep you updated about our progress and the ways in which our service users can get the most out of these new systems as we go.


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