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Carole Rogers: 20 Years of Service

It’s our biggest celebration yet, as Nightingales Golden Care staff member Carole Rogers takes home an extra large cheque for loyalty and dedication following twenty years continuous service.

Carole who joined Nightingales shortly after it was started has been working with the company since she joined in October 2003.

When we delivered Carole her £1000 bonus, she said that she was looking forward to converting it into spending money on her upcoming holiday in Tenerife.

Nightingales has celebrated its own 20th anniversary last year and is pleased to be handing out more and more long service bonuses. Established in 2002, the company attributes its success to the fact that so many staff choose to stay and build strong working relationships with its service users over long periods of time.

Registered Manger Ben Chudley said:

“Carole is Nightingales. She has been here since the beginning and has a huge amount of experience and insight into how the service runs. We are lucky to have her and we appreciate all that she has done during her time with us and hope she will stay for many more after she enjoys that well deserved holiday.”

Ben Chudley, Registered Manger

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